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Honk Happy Is A New Safe & Polite Way To Communicate On The Road

The Honk Happy Story

A New Way To Communicate

The Three Discoveries I Made Along The Way That Changed Everything...
Discovery #1
The Two Tone Effect
There’s something in our brain called the mirror neuron.

When we use our car horns, most people assume the person who is honking is mad, upset or just impatient.

Whether you're the person being honked at or sitting at a coffee shop listening, we all assume whoever did the honk is angry.

Because of this, our mirror neuron in our brain makes us react in the same way.

If we change the way we perceive that honk, then the mirror neuron in our brain will fire in a positive way, making for a much less stressful, safer drive.

Discovery #2

The Ripple Effect

Whether you’re on the way to work, the market, time out with family or friends the mission is to redefine how we communicate on the roadway.

Road rage is a huge problem in our society and often starts with a misunderstood honk.

I’ve met with people who say they often arrive to work already stressed because of a bad driving experience.

The roadway is such a volatile environment. Yet it’s amazing how the smallest kind gesture like a wave can completely change your mood.

Honk Happy can be a great tool to help the driving experience be a positive one not just for you but for your passengers and all those around you.

Discovery #3
The Excuse Me Effect

When we're in the grocery store and someone drops something or we're trying to pass by our natural reaction is to say excuse me.

But, when we're on the roadway we don't have this options at all...

In fact our only honking option is like yelling HEY!!! 

This is why we hardly ever use our horns to try to notify someone of something simple. 

But now with Honk Happy you can easily and politely notify anyone of danger or distraction without causing a bad incident.

This is the opposite of our current horns!

You will able to say a polite excuse me and leave them with a warm feeling that they can pass along to other around them! 😁

Product Specific FAQs:
Q: Can I Use Honk Happy With My Existing Horn Or Does It Replace It?

A: Yes honk happy works totally separate from your existing horn.

Q: Will This Fit All Car Models?

A: Yes

Q: How loud is it compared to my regular horn?

A: Typical car horn ranges from 100-120DB depending on the vehicle make and model. Honk Happy is approx. 110DB. 

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